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THe Story

​The Story

These are the two themes for our winemaking "Quality first" and "Wide perspective."

It may seem obvious when making wine, but I think it is very difficult to actually operate with these themes.

That is why we named it as the name of the producer, and based on this, we will make unique and high quality wine that even we want to drink every day.

When I was a college student, I felt that sweet sparkling wine Asti was so good, and since then I gained experience as a wine shop's staff, importer, sommelier, wine-maker as well as a CONNOISSEUR. And especially when I started working as a producer, I really wanted to make wine by myself.

The most important land search for starting the business was to find a land that was huge as much as possible in a cool climate, and mainly that slope was facing south. It wasn't easy to find in japan, but I've got oppotunity to get the land by meeting with the enthusiastic person who is belong to agricultural committee of Hokuto City and Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki of the NORAKURA who are pioneers in this area and told me how the grapes are grown in this region. So I arrived at the field in Hokuto City.

From now on, I hope to reveal the potential of this land with the wines with various trials as well as errors.

The Land

The Land

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Cool climate x Andosols & Clay Soil

Hokuto City is located at almost the same latitude as Rome in Italy.

GDD(1981-2010)  1098, Region 1a by Winkler index.  (Dijon, Burgundy, France 1202, Geisenheim, Rheingau, Germany 1095).



The gentle south-southwestern slope overlooking Mt. Hakodate was enough to stir the imagination of becoming a vineyard by planting young vines. The Ono Plain, Mt. Hakodate, and the Shimokita Peninsula, which can be seen from the fields, are spectacular, and on the mountain side behind, there is a limestone-rich mine. Due to the Tsugaru Warm Current, the climate is relatively warm in winter, but the humid and cold temperatures during flowering season can also make low yield. But we have longer autumn, It's especially crutial for the maturity of the grapes.


On the clay subsoil, there is the andosols topsoil, which has an aggregated structure and good drainage and water retention. It is a unique soil of about 1-2% of the world, and it is fluffy, low density, and easy to cultivate. There are many active volcanic areas with this soil in the tropics, and it is not so distributed in the Weinbert area, so it can be said to be a soil peculiar to Japan. For example, in the Canary Islands, trucks are filled with this topsoil and moved to grow lowland beans and potatoes. I am looking forward to taste the wine made by combination of this unique soil where many coffee, corn, rice, tobacco and vegetables are cultivated and this cool climate.

The Wine - grower

The Wine-grower

Shinsuke Isaka

Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1985

Graduated Geography major of Ritsumeikan University,

Experience of Wine-import business at Mikuni Wine Co.,Ltd for four years since 2008. After leaving the company, I spent a year working holiday in New Zealand, training and working at Kusuda wines, Mt.Rosa wines, some vineyards at marlborough and Neudorf vineyards in 2013. Then I worked as a sommelier at Yashin Ocean House in London. After that have the experience of vinification at Falesco in Italy for two years. After coming back to Japan, 3 vintages at Camel Farm Winery in Hokkaido as a wine-maker. Established DUE PUNTI Ltd. at Hokuto-city, Hokkaido in February 2020.

Location / Contact


041-1225 189-1 Fumizuki, Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido
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